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About Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) is hosted by the Department of ICT at the University of Agder. CAIR opened 2nd of March 2017 and conducts fundamental artificial intelligence research. At startup the centre has 14 researchers with expertise in the theory, algorithms and philosophy of artificial intelligence. Our mission is to attack unsolved problems and push the research frontier, seeking superintelligence. CAIR aims to provide an attractive environment for cutting-edge research. We think groundbreaking results and practical benefits at the same time. Our research shall break down barriers and drive innovation, for the greater good.

The CAIR circle

AI Circle

The AI Circle provides an arena for innovation and co-creation with stakeholders in the public and private sector. The invited members of this closed circle get the opportunity to take part in building and leveraging tomorrow’s artificial intelligence. Members of the AI Circle will be invited to events, lectures, workshops and the like, organized by CAIR. The purpose is to encourage new forms of collaboration and innovation, and to open opportunities for joint artificial intelligence projects. The AI Circle is a result of professor Granmo's long experience with innovation and co-creation with public and private sector. He wants the artificial intelligence research out and realized for the benefit of all, and is also inviting stakeholders in to participate where the breakthroughs occur.

CAIR at a glance

869 refereed conference and journal papers published


152 MNOK in external funding with partners in the AI Circle


109 master students and 3 PhD students graduated


9311 citations in academic papers worldwide