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House of CAIR – a computational powerhouse

House of CAIR is a centre for research excellence on artificial intelligence at the University of Agder.

In House of CAIR, we gather leading researchers in artificial intelligence from Europe and beyond, so that we together can take the next big leaps forward in artificial intelligence research. This includes:

  • developing artificial morality,
  • realizing fully explainable artificial intelligence,
  • building an artificial intelligence that understands cause and effect,
  • providing artificial intelligence that masters natural language, and
  • making artificial intelligence available everywhere, from the smallest devices to large supercomputers.

With our research, we aim to impact health, education, safety, and sustainable energy, to bring society to the next level.

The House of CAIR supercomputer

Computing power is a decisive factor for research in artificial intelligence. Our supercomputer, fully deployed in 2019, is built from eight NVIDIA DGX-2 computers. It provides:

  • 128 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs,
  • 655 360 CUDA cores,
  • 81 920 tensor cores,
  • 4 TB GPU memory,
  • 12 TB system memory,
  • 256 TB storage, and
  • 16 petaflops performance.

House of CAIR provides computing power that can carry out calculations that few other universities or companies are able to by themselves in the world today.

The House of CAIR kick-off, February 5, 2019. (Photo: Kristoffer Skarsgård)

The House of CAIR researchers

In House of CAIR, 28 researchers from UiA are joined by leading researchers from Europe and beyond:

Prof. Alex Yakovlev, Newcastle University, UK Jonny Edwards, Temporal Computing, UK
Dr. Rishad Shafik, Newcastle University, UK Prof. Nikolai Petkov, University of Groningen, NL
Dr. Marco WieringUniversity of Groningen, NL Dr. Michael H. F. WilkinsonUniversity of Groningen, NL
Dr. Kerstin BunteUniversity of Groningen, NL Prof. Vladimir Zadorozhny, University of Pittsburgh, US
Prof. Athanasios V. Vasilakos, Luleå University of Technology, SE Dr. Saturnino Luz, University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr. Paul De Sousa, University of Edinburgh, UK Prof. B. John Oommen, Carleton University, CA

We also work closely with researchers from our partners in the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (

Selected House of CAIR research projects

Title Duration Principal Investigators Partners
Energy-Autonomous Pervasive Artificial Intelligence 1.9.2019 - 1.9.2020 R. Shafik, A. Yakovlev, O.-C. Granmo, J. Edwards, L. Jiao    Newcastle University, Nokia Bell Labs, University of Agder
Monte Carlo Tsetlin Machine Tree Search 1.8.2019 - 1.8.2021  S. R. Gorji, O.-C. Granmo, M. A. Wiering, B. V. Matheussen, S. Glimsdal University of Agder, University of Groningen
Sustainable AI 1.8.2019 -  V. Zadorozhny, O.-C. Granmo University of Pittsburgh, University of Agder
Logic-based Artificial Intelligence Everywhere: Tsetlin Machines in Hardware (AIEverywhere) 1.10.2020-30.9.2024 R. Shafik, A. Yakovlev, M. A. Wiering, C. W. Omlin, O.-C. Granmo  University of Agder, Newcastle University, University of Groningen