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CAIR seminar by Prof. A. Vasilakos from LTU Sweden on Secure Future Internet, Friday 9 November 2018, A2 027 from 12:15 to13:00. 

We argue that the biggest problem with the current Internet architecture and security is not a particular functional deficiency, but its inability to accommodate innovation. To address this problem we propose an architectural framework for innovation.

We try to answer the following questions:
Question 1. What additional primitives need to be included in Future Internet in order to allow the necessary security mechanisms to be built? The Freedom to Innovate it allows to build
mechanisms needed to create a more Secure Future Internet.
Question 2. What will be the role of Machine Learning in Secure Future Internet? Does our emphasis on evolvability (through innovation) imply that the previous emphasis on functionality was misguided? Not at all. We believe that going forward, the community’s clean-slate design efforts for security should have a dual focus: we need to understand how best to support architectural innovation with a minimal framework and we also need to understand how to best support various functionalities with architectures that fit within such frameworks.