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Alex Yakovlev

Professor Alex Yakovlev is an international pioneer of low-power asynchronous circuit design and automation, for which he was elected to Fellow of IET in 2015, IEEE in 2016 and RAEng in 2017. He is Professor of Computing Systems Design at the School of Engineering, Newcastle University, where he has been working since 1991. He received DSc from Newcastle University in 2006, and PhD from St. Petersburg Electrical Engineering Institute (Russia) in 1982, both in the field of asynchronous systems.  At Newcastle, since 2000 he is Head of the Microsystems Group and Founder of the Asynchronous Systems Lab, with over 60 PhD alumni. His team is well-known for its contributions in designing asynchronous circuits, concurrent systems, Petri nets, metastability and synchronizers. He has published 8 monographs and over 500 papers in top international journals and conferences. He built his expertise in power-proportional computing and design for survivability through a prestigious EPSRC-funded Dream Fellowship in 2011-12, from which he holds international patents. He has chaired several major conferences (e.g. ASYNC, DATE-WS, PATMOS), and has given many invited/keynote talks on related topics. His most recent work is in the fields of electromagnetic computing and circuit design for machine learning based on Tsetlin automata.