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PhD candidate

Micheal Dutt

Micheal has over six years of experience as a developer, researcher, and tester. He received a master's degree in information and communication technology with a particular focus on artificial intelligence at the University of Agder. During the master's degree, Micheal worked in various machine learning projects.

His research areas include implementation of machine learning in health sector.

Micheal has worked in research, web application development, management, integration, support, and testing in ICT projects, mainly in the health sector. His strengths are his technical versatility, customer focus, and his ability to be solution-oriented. He makes things play out using his versatile toolbox in programming languages ​​/ scripts, infrastructure, development, testing, administration, and operations. For the past year, he has been working on web solutions in the e-health sector.

As a front-end developer, he has his expertise in Angular, Javascript / Typescript, HTML-CSS, and bootstrap. As a developer of the machine learning algorithm, he has substantial knowledge in Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-learn, Probability, Statistics and Data Structures.