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Rebekah Oomen

Dr. Rebekah Oomen is intrigued by the possibilities of applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn more about the ecology, evolution, and behaviour of life in the sea. Rebekah received her master’s and PhD in ecology and evolution at Dalhousie University in Canada, where she studied how Atlantic cod populations are adapted to different environments so that we can understand how they will be impacted by climate change. She is now a researcher at the University of Oslo and the University of Agder with the Centre for Coastal Research and CAIR. Rebekah’s research interests span evolutionary genomics, animal behaviour, and complex systems science, with the ultimate goal of biodiversity conservation. She is investigating the role of cod drumming songs in the mating ritual, using deep learning to unravel distinct voices and dialects within and between cod populations. She also uses AI in her art, involving musicians, composers, and technologists to connect the public to science and nature.