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Vimala Nunavath

Vimala Nunavath received her PhD degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at the University of Agder (UiA) in 2017. She obtained her master degree in ICT from UiA, Norway in 2011 and bachelor degree in computer science and engineering from Sagi Ramakrishnam Raju Engineering college, Bhimavaram, India in 2005. Her research focuses on the application of artificial intelligence within the health domain, focusing on applying deep neural networks for detecting and forecasting problems in patients with multiple morbidities. Her field of expertise includes, recurrent and convolutional neural networks, Bayesian networks, pattern recognition, semantics, data integration, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, data mining, and information visualization. Vimala was attached with CAIR as Senior researcher till the summer of 2020.