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ICT master specialisation in artificial intelligence

University of Agder, in collaboration with CAIR, offers a master in ICT with specialisation in artificial intelligence. This study programme gives you a unique competitive advantage by equipping you with cutting edge artificial intelligence skills. Would you like to be part of the artificial intelligence revolution? Would you like to seek superintelligence? Pursue our master specialisation in artificial intelligence.


MehdiThe artificial intelligence research front is advancing with tremendous speed. Recently, we have seen groundbreaking innovations with the potential of completely revolutionising how we work and that will have a profound impact on society. The artificial intelligence research has such a high impact that even difficult cognitive tasks now are being automated. Humans are quite simply being outperformed by artificial intelligence. Example of areas where artificial intelligence is advancing at an unbelievable pace is machine exploration, deep information understanding and language processing, and just a handful of the many application areas include self-driving cars, language translation, hydropower optimisation, and medical diagnosis. 

Artificial intelligence is the future, and the future will be in need of artificial intelligence competency. University of Agder, together with CAIR, offers a master study programme that gives you the opportunity to be part of cutting edge artificial intelligence research. In collaboration with our world leading scientists you will be able to push the research front and collaborate with our industry partners, who see that artificial intelligence is the way ahead in their business field. 

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You will learn state-of-the-art methods and algorithms within artificial intelligence including, but not limited to, reinforcement learning, deep learning (such as convolutional and recurrent neural networks), supervised and unsupervised learning, pattern recognition, natural language understanding, swarm intelligence, and big data analysis. You will get the opportunity to play a pivotal role in ongoing AI research as well as collaborate with our industry partners. 

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The master programme is international and gives you outstanding possibilities in the global competitive job marked. The study gives you exciting and challenging job opportunities in development, innovation, research, and leadership. Would you like to be part of the artificial intelligence revolution? Would you like to seek superintelligence with us?  

Apply for a master with specialisation in artificial intelligence

Admission requirement is a bachelor's degree in engineering within computer science, computer engineering, telecommunications or a similar field. The degree must include courses amounting to at least 30 ECTS credits in mathematics and statistics.

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Photo: Marie Rosenborg Wadahl

Study content

The master programme is four semesters (two years) long, and all courses are taught in English. In each semester you can select courses that specialise in artificial intelligence. You can select to either do three semesters of courses and half a year master's thesis, or two semesters of courses and a full year master's thesis. Throughout your study you will be supervised by our highly skilled artificial intelligence experts. Several of the courses are project based, which means you can delve into artificial intelligence areas you are most interested in. 

Option 1 Option 1 of Master ICT. Three semesters with courses specialising in artificial intelligence and big data. One semester with Master's thesis.  

Option 2 of Master ICT. Two semesters with courses specialising in artificial intelligence and big data. Two semesters with a Master's thesis that goes in depth into an artificial intelligence topic.

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